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VestDeck qualifies for the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

Next Funding Round Opens February 2019


VestDeck is aiming to launch its platform in the UK, a leading market for unlisted and crowdfunded businesses, in the middle of 2019.  

Participants will be early adopters and beneficiaries of the platform and will help enhance and test the technology. Therefore, investors will obtain benefits across their whole portfolio of unlisted companies as well as the potential to gain a significant return from their investment.

Amount of funds being raised£850k through 2019
What shares do Investors receiveOrdinary Shares
An Enterprise Investment Scheme companyHMRC Advanced Assurance

An Introduction

The explosion of crowdfunding means that many more of us can now participate in these exciting investment opportunities, but our appetite for information about company progress is difficult to satisfy. VestDeck’s investor relations platform will change this for the mutual benefit of both investors and companies. Investors will be more able to participate in the buzz of growth, whilst businesses will build brand momentum quicker and find willing investors for its next round of investment.

VestDeck will also connect businesses to professional services firms, such as accountants, lawyers, IT, marketing and PR agencies.

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The Benefits

An Investor Interactions platform for unlisted companies that connects businesses to existing and potential investors.

The VestDeck platform makes it easier for growth companies to:

  • Raise future growth capital from existing and new investors
  • Achieve a valuation that minimises dilution for shareholders
  • Align strategy to deliver increasing valuation of the business
  • Harness the resource of shareholders for wisdom and market insight
  • Attract funds from investors normally backing ‘later-stage’ opportunities
  • Helps companies that require multiple investment rounds to grow rapidly

It also provides an easy presentation of funding rounds, road-maps, milestones, announcements and shareholder feedback to facilitate debate in the boardroom creating a virtuous circle and growth.

VestDeck is not a fund-raising platform, which means it can enhance any combination of funding options.

The Market

Investor or shareholder relations, the engagement between companies and those who invest in them, has been flagged globally as a key corporate asset. We believe investor relations could become one of the best methods to help growth companies access cash and ensure investors are placed on a level playing field with the companies they invest in.

The VestDeck platform will connect the following three audiences:

  1. Businesses - Make it easier to raise funds to ensure timely growth
  2. Investors - Help find good opportunities, follow progress and manage a portfolio
  3. Professionals - Increase the efficiency of finding and working with growth companies

If you're a growth company with shareholders then Pre-Register to beta test our investor relations timeline.

Exit Strategy

The strategy is to float the business or to be acquired by a larger organisation within 3-5 years.

Potential acquirers include:

  • Crowdfunding platforms, perhaps acting as a consortium
  • Business software providers, targeting early access to growth companies
  • Business funding specialists, such as venture capital or private equity firms

Why Invest

As an investor, you are likely to select a target business partly because you expect your funds to be deployed productively, such that the resulting business valuation will increase. The more confident you could be of this outcome, the lower the investment risk.

The VestDeck platform helps to deliver exactly this outcome.

Imagine a business being more able to attract the right investors and its new shareholders being more confident of an enhanced valuation at each new round of funding.

If you could invest in such a platform, the benefit to your entire investment portfolio could be sufficient to justify your involvement, never mind any enhancement in valuation of VestDeck itself.

How to Invest

To subscribe to VestDeck Ordinary Shares you will need to complete a Subscription Form.

To receive a Subscription Form please Register Here
If you would like to receive our Term Sheet and Shareholders Agreement please Register Here

VestDeck is providing information for investors that wish to participate in this opportunity and nothing on this website should be seen as a promotion to buy shares. You should also carry out your own research and seek professional advice on the merits of investing in shares.

An investment is only suitable for investors who are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of such an investment and have sufficient resources to be able to bear any losses, which may be equal to the whole amount invested.

If you decide to invest you will need to need to deliver one of the below declarations, by post to confirm that under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 that you are either an Everyday Investor, an Advised Investor, a High-Net-Worth Individual or a Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor.

By Post:
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Invest Online

If you have any questions about the investment process, then please use the contact form on the website.

We are accepting investments of up to £10k online. For larger investments please email:

Please note that you can pay by credit card through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account.

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VestDeck has achieved the following so far:

  • Established an experienced and credible management team
  • Raised initial funding from 21 experienced investors and partners
  • Thoroughly analysed the market, its needs and the system specification
  • Designed the user interface and developed the user experience of the platform
  • Launched first growth company application and now inviting client companies to beta test

The next stage is to complete our 2019 development roadmap and launch the first phase of the platform.

Problem and Solution

  • Investing in early stage businesses can lead to higher returns and tax benefits, but can also be more risky
  • Investors are also nervous about dilution and a lack of liquidity

VestDeck will help investors enjoy the benefits of investing in early stage businesses whilst minimising the risks. We aim to achieve this through enhanced communication between businesses and investors to aid growth, increase valuation and minimise dilution.

What Differentiates Us?

VestDeck aims to create a platform that:

  • Eases the act of follow-on funding for businesses
  • Promotes, rewards and enables investor relations
  • Enables investors to enjoy and participate in the buzz
  • Grants investors visibility and choice when making investments

Trademark and Brand

Beck Greener is a London-based firm of patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, design attorneys and IP Litigators.

VestDeck has retained Beck Greener to protect their trademarks, brand identity, intellectual property and software services.

UK Trademark No: UK0000319875

Document Library

Post Brexit

Pitch Deck

Founding Partner

Management Team

John Pearson

Shareholder and Adviser

Robert Copping

Growth Strategy

Nikolas Gilding

Managing Director

Anthony Smith

Risk and Compliance

Founding Partner Opportunity

How does a professional services firm attract new business?

VestDeck could be an ideal ‘lead generator’ for your business.

If you’re a professional services firm aiming to attract new clients, it can be a challenge to persuade a business to leave its current professional relationship.

It might be easier to catch the attention of a growing company in need of your services.

So how do you get your firm in front of potential growth clients at the right time?

That’s where collaborating with VestDeck will help.

The VestDeck platform helps growth businesses to efficiently prepare for each new funding round and grow between each round.

These growth businesses need professional services guidance and advice at all stages of their new venture. Professional services might include customer acquisition, operational efficiency, financial control and marketing advice.

We are looking for trusted professional services firms to provide such services and as the client company grows, so will their demand for your services.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you?

An opportunity to become one of a select few Professional Services Firms with ‘Founding Partner’ status in VestDeck. Use some of your marketing budget on this new ‘lead generator’ for your business and become a shareholder at a preferential valuation.

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