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Vestdeck is now seeking to raise £250k to complete the development of its investor relations platform and attract early adopters.

The exit strategy is to float or be acquired within 3-5 years. Profitability of an online business platform can be very lucrative.

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There are companies that provide elements of competition, however, we believe that we have a unique offering that can make Vestdeck a powerful brand in the growing market of investor relations. Read More >>

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John brings with him exceptional leadership experience across a variety of technology, media and broadcast companies including 12 years as CEO of Virgin Radio, which he co-founded, and 8 years as chairman of the revolutionary music technology company Shazam, which is one of the world’s most recognised mobile consumer brands. Apart from being a truly inspirational leader with a wealth of experience in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector, John has recognised our potential, which in itself is a great endorsement for our plans.

The amount of equity being offered is 12.5%. This equates to a pre-money valuation of £1.75M and adequately reflects the considerable progress made, the quality and experience of the team and the investment raised to date.

Vestdeck has thoroughly analysed the market, its needs, the system specification and raised initial funding at a strong valuation.

Seed Funding Secured in 2016
Raised Target of £100,000
Thanks to 26 Great Investors!

Participate in the building of a trusted investor relations platform for the next phase in crowdfunding.